Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Digitize Your Career with Online Digital Marketing Training

As the era is being digitized, the job opportunities are evolving faster than your clicks on any site. Today the priority for searching, analyzing or comparing any product or service is switched from traditional consulting methods to search engines. The brands are not only fighting among themselves for air time i.e. Television Commercial or Radio spots or Print Space i.e. newspaper, magazine hoarding etc. but the battle is also to mark their presence on first page of any search engine. In order to manage the e-traffic and utilizing it to promote different brands many Online Digital marketing institutes are offering training to the candidates.

Who can apply?
The big advantage to apply for an online digital marketing course is that any graduate, under graduate from any stream has the liberty to apply for it. This 3 month diploma course makes you eligible to apply for job in digital marketing arena.

Courses Offered

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - As an internet marketing strategy, SEO executive/manager is responsible to pull the e-traffic by recognizing what people search and decide the actual search term or key word. It involves content editing; HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific search term and to remove hurdles to the indexing activities of search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Websites are generally promoted by Search Engine Marketing.  It’s a form of internet marketing that increase the websites visibility on different search engines through optimization and ads. SEM utilizes SEO which writes content to achieve the highest ranking on any search engine listing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Social media marketing is the process of pulling web traffic and attention through social media sites. The attractive content is written that encourage readers to make it viral across the social websites.

Email Marketing - It involves the brand promotion via bulk email. Generally an attractive emailer is sent to display the offer or to build brand loyalty or awareness. 
Inbound Marketing- Inbound marketing is promoting company through content writing which brings the customers closer to the brand.

Web Analytics- In order to clarify and optimize web usage, web analytics measures, collects, analyze and report web data. 

We at Times Institute of Management and Technical Studies offer you all above mentioned Online Digital marketing training that helps the candidate to shape his/her digital career.   

Monday, 27 October 2014

Digital marketing Courses Online - Countless Opportunities for Netizens

Some addictions are not bad at all. Especially when it comes to internet or technology, it could serve you with hundreds of career options. Over a decade or more, online digital marketing is gradually adopted by government sectors, corporate house, service providers, bureaucrats, freelancers, celebrities and many others worldwide for promotion and brand building. As the target group is contracted on a fingertip the digital marketing job opportunities are expanded to million.

In order to reach billions of netizens, companies are adopting Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media marketing (SMM), Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing,  Display ads, Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Email marketing to  increase their customer base and for pro-effective connectivity. In this e-generation the traditional shopping habits are replaced by e-shopping fever, where one search for vast range of products and services, sitting at office, lounge or home. One loves to research, consult and learn on a click rather than carrying heavy books or consulting the specialist.

Comparison of brands, products, services and price range is the weakness of all Indians and here they could easily satisfy their hunger. The millions of internet population can’t be ignored and the excessive demand to grab the countless digital customers has spawned several online digital marketing institutes. They offer all the related courses at very nominal fee and short duration.

The institutes generally offer diploma courses which could be fruitful to any under-graduate, graduate or post graduate. The courses are now a day’s selling like a hot cake and spreading its roots in metro and non-metro cities. The students are taught about how to bring certain website and related data on search engines ranking; how to get maximum click on websites by the target group. The regular offers and consistent up gradation are managed by these professionals to keep the website on priority list of every search engine.

All net bugs, whether professional or not remain on target 365 days and 24 hours. Descending from the highest order of clicks on certain websites, fraternities keep their eye open to sponsor and advertise their offer via these web medium. Attractive Ads, Web Banners, links, videos capture the corner, bottom or the center space of the sites, which pulls the target group to the desired webpage on a single click. With the rapid growth in managing web traffic as a professional is offering innumerable job opportunities with handsome package and bright future.